Porsche 944 turbo Bilstein Cup suspension

Here's a shot of the "Turbo Cup" Bilstein units. The rear shock with coil over helper spring is at the top. The front strut / spring assembly is at the bottom. The interesting things to note are that both come with ride height adjustable spring perches. Turn the collar, and you can raise or lower that corner. Should make corner balancing a snap! Once I removed the front strut from the car, I had to remove the stock upper spring mount. The turbo cup unit is made from stiffer rubber than the standard turbo unit, but rubber, on a race car, is still bad. And I wanted the camber plate for adjustability.

Here's a shot of one way to remove the upper strut mount. I used my air impact wrench to remove one mount, but the other just spun. So, a deep socket, with a pipe wrench to turn it, and an allen key through the socket, worked well enough. Here are shots of the finished job

The pic on the right is the coil over rear shock, installed on the control arm. You can see the lower spring perch with the adjustable collar.