Porsche 944 turbo control arms

Early 944's have steel control arms, The 86 model had an alloy arm and this was changed again in 87 to a larger part

See also balljoints

Model PART NO.
944 85.5-86 NA/Turbo 951.341.027.00, 951.341.028.00
944/968 87-95 NA/S/S2/Turbo non-M758/M030 944.341.027.02, 944.341.028.02
951(S) 944/968 87-95 M758/M030 & 89 Turbo
Pin on the ball joint is 19mm vs 17mm, stiffer bushings
951.341.927.031,  951.341.928.031

These supersede 951.341.027.031,951.341.028.031

Germany said use 951.341.927/8.031 until the parts supply runs out, then they would start shipping the new 944.etc unit.

By visually looking at the new control arm, 

- the new arm has "webbing" I guess to make it stronger
- larger build-up of aluminum around the ball joint
- larger build-up of aluminum around the anti-roll bar mounting hole
- anti-roll bar mounting hole is enlarged on new unit
- the ball joint bottom is larger and hangs below the control arm hole (the 951 unit sits flush at the bottom)

Otherwise, the dimensions are the same. The new unit is stamped as a 1997 manufacture, the 951 part has a 1988 stamp.

The 968 arms have the additional tab for the air deflector but the ball joint is competely different. Whereas the 951S arms have a circlip that can be removed to allow access to the balljoint, the 968 arms have a machined cup that encloses the entire assembly

The following is a statement released by Porsche Motorsports North America concerning the 944 Aluminum Control Arms: (my notes are in italics)
To all Porsche 944 & 968 Competitors Re: 944 & 968 Control Arm Usage In Racing Applications

The following A arms should be installed in 944 and 968 Series vehicles according to the conditions noted:

944 341 027 02 L/S Production version arm (round groove 360  degrees on ball joint)
944 341 028 02 R/S Production version arm
(these are standard 968 arms)

These parts are good for moderate competition. (Time trials etc.)

951 341 027 32 L/S Competition version arm (slotted groove on side of ball joint)
951 341 028 32 R/S Competition version arm
(Note these are
no longer available)

These parts are recommended for long distance races or heavy competition.

Neither set of arms noted above pose a problem, as long as 

1) the ride height is not lowered beyond the point which causes binding of the ball joint when the suspension reaches full travel

2) the front sway bar is not greater than the M030 package sway bar in either 0.D. or wall thickness

3) the lower bore in the strut is not worn out

4) the parts are assembled following the steps outlined in the Porsche Service Manual. (Despite the fact that this may be slightly contrary to the Service Manual, it is imperative that the bolt and nut (original Porsche Parts) be replaced each time they are removed.

As always in racing, it is important to inspect the arms for nicks or cuts from road debris after each event to avoid development of any cracks. Please note that the leading cause of failure we have seen on both the Production and Competition version arms, in racing applications, is the failure to follow the instructions I have listed above.

Alwin SpringerDirector of Porsche Motorsport N. A. 

3203 South Shannon St. Santa Ana. CA 92704(714)546-6939/ FAX (714) 957-1386