Porsche 944 turbo boost gauge

Fitting a feed for a proper boost gauge

Whilst checking under my dash for the radio aerial amplifier I noticed an easy way of getting a boost tube in to the car interior for connection to a boost gauge.

In searching for a method I was looking for a minimum of interior strip down and avoidance of drilling a hole through the bulkhead. I did not like the idea of "teeing" in to the tube feeding the KLR. The more connections on a circuit the more chance of developing a leak. A leak on the KLR feed lets the ECU think boost is less than it really is. So the car can overboost and not have the overboost protection feature save the day.

If you follow the throttle cable back until it passes through the bulkhead you will find a rubber grommet just to its left on the bulkhead (i.e. behind the clutch fluid reservoir)

Piercing this grommet and feeding the tube through gets the tube to appear out of sight above the accelerator cable


Since then I have connected up my own boost gauge by this method. It is by far the quickest method I have come across.

There is a banjo fitting on the inlet manifold between the 1st and 2nd cylinder tracts (cyl 1closest to windscreen).

 If you follow the black 4mm dia tube from the banjo to the rubber T piece, then follow the right hand branch (the one that heads over to the passenger side clipped to the front edge of the bulkhead) up about 2 inches that's where I cut in and install my T piece.

My boost tube then goes into this fitting and heads left across the bulkhead using the existing tie wraps fitted