Porsche 944 turbo brakes

The brakes are pretty good as standard but for track work there are two issues: boiling brake fluid and the friction coefficient of the pads


Needs a litre for a fluid change
bear in mind that these should be changed at least annually

ATE Super Blue Racing 536 392
Motul Racing 600 585 421
Castrol SRF 590 518


944 turbo front brake pads 944 turbo rear brake pads

Pagid Orange
Mintex 1155
Ferodo DS2500

KFP (KFP Friction Products)
Makes pads for Porterfield and others

1935 equivalent to Porterfield R-4S street pad,
Coefficient of friction .380, moderate torque, rotor friendly high performance street material

4211 slightly more torque than Porterfield R-4 race pad, coefficient of friction .490, medium/high torque with low wear rate,

P1101 equivalent to Pagid Orange race pad,
coefficient of friction .530, high torque with moderate wear,

Hawk Blue is equivalent to Pagid Orange,
Medium/high torque brake compound.Moderate rotor wear with good brake modulation.

Be warned that you may need to get your discs skimmed when you fit them (or the any other aftermarket pad) This is because the OEM pad has a smaller material area than the after market versions. When you fit the aftermarket pads they try and sit on the unused part of the disc so you won't get full contact. By skimming the discs the pads will sit correctly.