Porsche 944 turbo Koni shocks /dampers available

Ok Folks, here's the story on Koni's and your 944.


These units have been available in both standard red and sport yellow applications. Recently, Koni discontinued the red rear shock (26-1209). We still have some, but after these are gone we won't be able to get any more. Almost all of these cars have rebuildable struts, so the front just gets an insert (8641-1038 or 8641-1038 Sport) which is externally adjustable for rebound. The rears are standard adjustable (26-1209 or 26-1209 Sport) , you have to remove them to adjust.

85.5 on NA
These cars use a different rear unit which is standard adjustable and are available in both standard red or sport yellow (8040-1035 or 8040-1035 Sport). The fronts struts on these cars can be either rebuildable or non-rebuildable. If they are rebuildable you will use the 8641-1038 Red or Sport insert. If they are non rebuildable, you will use the 8741-1136 L&R Sport strut. These are externally adjustable for rebound and have a fixed lower perch. These units can be converted to double adjustable (rebound and compression). Our experience has been that all 944 Turbo's (non S) and all the 944S models have non rebuildable front struts.

Turbo S
These cars have a Koni single adjustable (rebound), ride height adjustable front strut from the factory. This unit is still available from Porsche or you can purchase the 8742-1007 L&R Sport struts that Koni is building for the aftermarket. These units are now double adjustable (rebound and compression) as well as having the ride height adjustment. They can be fitted to other 944 models, but remember, Koni is assuming you are installing them on a car that already has this setup so you don't get the lower spring perch or jam nut. You can source these parts through Porsche or try to come up with a lesser expensive option in the aftermarket. The Turbo S cars ran a conical front spring. They are smaller diameter on the bottom than on the top. Your standard 944 or 944 Turbo springs wont work on these units without modification. The rear units for these cars will be the 8040-1035 Sport.

S2, 968, (non M030)
These cars also ran a bit of a conical shaped front spring. The front units for these cars is the 8741-1237 L&R Sport. Because they used a conical shaped front spring, the lower perch on these units is smaller than the 8741-1136 Sport. NOW, these are the units that are not available. After Koni USA's supply ran out, we bugged them enough (actually committed to buy a bunch) t0 order some more units from Holland. When Holland produces units, they don't make a few at a time, they do production run of usually 100 units. We thought that the ball was rolling on these and we were waiting for an ETA from Holland. The bad news is that Holland has come back recently and said that they will not be producing the units. We don't know why as of yet, as a full production run had been ordered. These units haven't been huge movers in the past, but obviously, as time passes, more and more of these cars will be in the need of shocks. We haven't given up yet, but as of now, they isn't any light at the end of the tunnel. Koni USA does have some left units but no rights which doesn't help much. I'll try to keep you posted on what happens.

In the mean time S2 and 968 owners can either use the 8741-1136 Sport units with the different spring, or go to the 8742-1007 Sport units with the necessary springs, perches and jam nuts.

- Koni 1414S cut-n-drill strut inserts - single adjustable for rebound, standard valving handles spring rates to ~400# (custom valved applications can be done to order). Ride height adjust can be added to these, and would use the 2.5" ID spings available from 100-1000# in various free lengths.

- Koni 1007S strut complete (M030 type) - custom valved by Koni and made double-adjustable for bump and rebound, handles spring rates to ~650# (again, custom valved applications can be done to order). Availability varies, and price depends on if you have useable cores to trade. You must use shims and slightly modify the 86 steering knuckle to use these. (For race cars, it's generally considered best to switch to the larger 87+ spindles to prevent failure)

- Koni 2817 - Big dog racing shocks... ask for more info if you're interested in these. These are the same units in use by IRL, CART, ALMS GT/GTS, HRC, British Touring, German Touring, etc.

All konis are adjustable. Rear shocks to match each front set are available. The 1414S is the new insert for sealed struts. Installation is rated fairly simple (2-3 Beers on my own effort scale). No other parts or modifications are needed.

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